Ordering from us

Vuelite offers you the opportunity to have your own prescription made up into lenses direct from the manufacturer and save £'s (Your prescription is given to you by your optician after an eye test). Vuelite can supply all types of lenses and glaze them into your own spectacle frame, providing the frame is suitable. If you decide to send us your spectacles for re-glazing, you must first ensure that the following simple procedure is carried out precisely.

Put your old specs on normally and look with eyes and head straight ahead into a wall mirror at a distance of about 30cm. With a felt tip marker pen, carefully place a small dot on the front of the old lens at the precise point where the pupil (eye centre) looks through the lens. This must be repeated for the other eye taking care to keep the head and eyes straight and level.

Once you have carried out the above, just post your spectacles to us along with your name, address and daytime telephone number, and payment as agreed*. Upon completion of the job, we will contact you to arrange despatch or collection. We supply all types of lenses to suit different needs:
Single Vision Distance, Single Vision Reading, Bifocals or if preferred,Varifocals.

All these are available in standard crystal clear plastic or in Photochromic "Transitions" plastic which darkens in the sunlight automatically. Anti-reflection, anti-scratch coatings can be specified, as can sunglass tints in various shades. If you have some old spectacles left over after upgrading, why not have them re-glazed with sunglass lenses to your latest prescription? Great for holidays or driving.

*Note that Vuelite is not responsible for any damage caused to spectacles/lenses whilst in transit to us. Use adequate packaging and send via an insured postal service or carrier only.